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Bring your brain into balance

Balance Neurofeedback offers an alternative method of treatment to improve general functioning of the brain by strengthening, calming and improving its stability and flexibility. Neurofeedback (neurotherapy) enhances attention, focus, concentration, memory, benefits hyperactivity issues (ADD/ADHD), and helps manage general mood. By monitoring your brain waves through EEG technology, immediate feedback is provided to your brain through visual stimulation. It is a safe, non-invasive, drug-free intervention with long-term effects.

A BCN-certified clinician would conduct the initial consultation in order to set up a program tailored to your needs.

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About us

Dr. Anna Weir

Dr. Anna Weir DC, BCN, BSc., CMT

Dr. Anna Weir is a BCN-certified clinician who has been practicing neurofeedback in the Port Moody area since 2001. She has a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine and a prior background in massage therapy.

Dr. Weir has worked in the health services industry since 1988. She runs a family-based clinic and accepts a wide range of conditions that can benefit from neurofeedback training—from chronic pain, stroke, and brain trauma to learning issues and mood disturbances.

Dr. Weir has extensive experience in working with children and enjoys this aspect of her work.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback, also known as EEG Biofeedback and Neurotherapy, is brain exercise (training) for better overall brain functioning. With EEG monitoring, we observe your brain in action from moment to moment by monitoring your brainwaves. We show you your brain activity and we help you change it by rewarding shifts toward a more functional and stable brain state. It is a gradual learning process.

Neurofeedback is also referred to as EEG Biofeedback or Neurotherapy. The electroencephalogram (EEG) is another name for the brain wave recordings and, in this context, biofeedback refers to the process by which you learn to change your brainwaves and hence change your control of brain states.

How can neurofeedback help?

Neurofeedback training improves:

  • Attention
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Emotional regulation

Neurofeedback can assist adolescents and adults who struggle with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • PTSD
  • ADHD

Neurofeedback can also help with other challenges, including:

  • Seizure conditions
  • Brain injury
  • Insomnia and sleep problems
  • Age-related cognitive loss
  • Behavior disorders
  • Developmental delays

Peak performers use neurofeedback to stay in top shape by enhancing their abilities in sports, business, and the arts.

How is neurofeedback done?

Neurofeedback is done non-invasively (meaning no needles) and without pressure. Sensors are attached to your scalp to record your brainwaves. A computer receives the signal from these sensors, processes it, and decides what to show on the screen in front of you.

Think of it as playing a video game with your brainwaves. The specifics of the game are unique to each person, just as each person's brainwaves and life story.

Starting at the 3:55 mark in the video below one can get a solid idea of a regular neurofeedback session:

What if I am taking medication?

With successful neurofeedback training, medications targeting brain function may no longer be needed, or they may be needed at lower dosages, as the brain gets better at regulating itself. This is our goal with neurofeedback training, in our holistic approach. It is important for clients to communicate with their prescribing physician regarding neurofeedback and medications.

Why haven't I heard about neurofeedback before?

Neurofeedback is not yet taught in most medical schools or psychology graduate programs. Many professionals are therefore unaware of the power of this technique. The field is growing rapidly and as it does more professionals will be informed and educated in neurofeedback.

How much does it cost?


When we get in touch, we will schedule a 60-minute, $160 consultation and evaluation meeting to develop a treatment plan to address your particular goals.


Ideally, appointments are scheduled one to three times per week for maximum benefit. Change can be experienced in as few as one to five sessions, but for the change to be long-lasting, more treatments are usually necessary. To acquire the basic skills of self-regulation and allow for meaningful change the average number of sessions is close to 20. As each plan progresses, we regularly refer to your self–evaluation to adjust the treatment plan if needed. Each session after the first costs $90. While some people notice the difference after the first sessions, the average number of sessions is between 20 and 40.

Extended health care providers may cover the treatments, but please note that not all extended health care companies recognize it or cover it.

The Ministry of Children and Family Development Autism Funding Branch covers neurofeedback as a Specialized Therapeutic Activity.

A number of private online schools offering home learning programs for students do cover the cost of neurofeedback as a Provider of Neuro Therapy.

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  • Saturday: 9am—2:00pm
  • Closed on statutory holidays and Sundays


My son was diagnosed with autism by a pediatrician in 1997. This diagnosis was changed a few years later to severe speech/language disorder, moderate mental handicap, ADHD, and autistic tendencies by the Doctors at Sunny Hill Center for Children. Basically, our son has autism or at least most of the characteristics of autism. He has responded well to methyphenidate since the summer of 2000. His behavior, stimming, social interaction, and anxiety have improved with the biofeedback treatments. He can interact in a more typical manner with his peers. His need to stim has reduced markedly.

My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer in in 2003 and passed away in 2006. During this time I spent days and nights in the hosptial with my husband. My children were under care with my sister during these times. This caused my son to develop a tick that was like a hiccup/yell. It could be heard from one end of the school to the other. The teachers thought he had developed Tourettes syndrome. Dr. Weir adjusted the biofeedback to deal with his greater emotional need and anxiety. By the time my husband died, the ticks had gone and he was better able to adjust to the loss of his father.

I have always found Dr. Anna Weir to be very professional as well as approachable. Her warm and caring personality has allowed my children to both like and trust her. She always makes them comfo rtable both physically and emotionally.

I have recommended her to my friends as awell as other parents of children with special needs. I have even invited professionals (ie. doctors, teachers, etc) who work with special needs children to observe abiofeedback treatment with Dr. Weir so they can better understand what biofeedack is about. On these occasions Dr. Weir has explained the process to these professionals in a concise and open manner.

— C. L.

My husband had a massive stroke while on vacation. He did survive the initial bleed and we were able to get him back to Vancouver for further care. Unfortunately, the Doctors feared he would never awake from his coma. His progress was very slow,and we were searching for any care that could help him. There was very little hope in the area of traditional western medicine. We had heard of Dr. Weir and the biofeedback treatments and contacted her to help with my husband's recovery. The results were remarkable! Twenty minutes after a session he would awaken for a short while. He was coming out of his coma. We continued on with care even though the Medical Doctor's felt no real progress could be made due to the severity and place of his bleed in the brain.

Dr. Weir also suggested Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy which we incorporated into his recovery process. To date, he has surpassed all of his doctors expectations. He is back home with me, and no longer has to stay in a seniors facility. He had the feeding tube removed, he has gained more mobility with the right side of his body. He does not suffer with the severe muscle spasms, and can walk short periods with a cane. He is aware of his surroundings, and his personality is shining once again. Proof that the brain has the ability to continue healing. We are looking forward to what the future brings."

— C. R.

Our son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 7 years old. Although displaying HD, he was strongly AD in terms of focus and impulsivity. Despite strong recommendations from both his school and doctor, we were very reluctant to put him on medication due to side-effects such as a serious decrease in appetite and sleep disruptions. By the time he was 10 years old, his impulsivity and lack of focus had resulted in ongoing bullying, disruptive classroom behaviour and school grades that we knew were well below his potential. We reluctantly began medication (Biphentin, 40mg) in January '09.

In February '09 we started neurofeedback with Dr. Weir while continuing with the medication. Our son's appetite and sleep patterns drastically improved. His grades and overall performance at school also improved to the point where we were able to gradually lower his dosage of Biphentin (in conjunction with regular neurofeedback sessions), completely eliminating the need for medication by the end of June. He had a fantastic summer and started middle school this September, unmedicated. I'm thrilled to report that he is thriving both socially and academically. Our thanks to Anna and her fantastic staff!

— J.

Dr. Weir was recommended to me by our Speech/language pathologist. My son was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well as anxiety. He did not respond well with methylphenidate or other stimulants. Due to this fact, we found that biofeedback was the only viable treatment option suitable for him. The treatments he received helped him to focus better as well as relieving most of his anxiety.

— C. L.

In 2004, I was involved in an automobile accident; my vehicle was hit from behind while I was waiting to proceed at a stop sign. My neck, upper and lower back, my right arm and my left hip experienced trauma. With the combination of regular biofeedback and chiropractic treatments over an extended period of time, the pain lessened and greater mobility was once agian achieved. I truly believe without the benefit of biofeedback, my recovery would have taken much longer, years in fact, and question if my mobility would be what it is today.

— C. W.

My daughter was involved in a severe car accident. She suffered from "shaken brain syndrome" as well as the emotional effects of a motor vehicle accident. Subsequently her life, both personal and professional - which she had been managing - began to spiral out of control. She gained weight, had panic and anxiety attacks, suffered from massive attacks of hives and became exceedingly frustrated and disappointed with herself and her life.

A discussion with her psychologist led to a referral to Dr. Anna Weir. Dr. Weir explained the concept of EEG Biofeedback and the results she thought might be possible. Through the treatment process, Dr. Weir has involved our daughter intensely in the procedure, and as a consequence our daughter has become very self-aware of her emotional and physical responses. She is now able to take control of an anxious or threatening situation early on, rather than responding to a full-blown panic or anxiety attack. This result alone has been worth all the treatments, as it gives her a handle on her own life.

— E. K.

I have alway had health issues; chronic allergies and upper respiratory disorder, along with depression which originated in my teens and persists in one form or another to this day. In October 2000, I sustained a so-called 'minor' head injury in a car crash, resulting in my fine cognitive skills being compromised and leaving me unable to drive.

I tell you this so that yo may have a context in which to place the following statements.

Before beginning the treatment I was suffering from anxiety attacks, erratic sleep patterns, inability to concentrate, general mental fogginess and severe persistent recurring attacks of hives which requires the use of powereful antihistamines and adrenaline on a daily basis to enable me to function in daily life; both in my job and my academic studies. The hives triggered anxiety attacks and the anxiety in turn triggered the hives - a vicious cycle with no end in sight. Medication controlled the symptoms, but at a terrible cost to my overall physical and mental health - my depression worsened as my weight ballooned to over two-hundred pounds and the attendant physical effects began to take their toll. I was to put it bluntly a physical and emotional wreck.

Since beginning treatment with Dr. Weir, I have not had an attackof hives in over ten months. I am now taking only two allergy medications as apposed to the twelve I was taking at the start of treatment. My sleep patterns have evened out remarkably, I no longer wake up feeling drained and slugggish in the morning - I am no longer operating in a state of constant mental fog. As the hives has lessened, so have the anxiety attacks; I am able to recognize my emotional triggers and mitigate the severity of an episode withought falling into a full fledged emotional meltdown, to the great relief of my freinds, family and co-workers. The fact that the past two and a half years have been a period of increased academic and fog-related stress, makes this development all the more remarkable.

Physically, I have never felt better, my weight has dropped to a healthy level, my balance and coordination have improved markedly and my overalll energy level has increased. I no longer feel mentally exhausted at the end of the day. Dr. Weir and EEG Biofeedback have given me my lie back. I am by no means cured, but I look forward to the day when I no longer have to take my anti-depressants, but compared to the way I used to be, it seems a small price to pay.

— J. K.

In 1996 I was diagnosed as having Seasonal Affective Disorder and I tried a variety of treatments with varying and limited degrees of success. Some of the remedies that I tried would decrease the intensity of the depression, anxiety and rage that I felt but even the best results were far from satisfactory. I started receiving bioneurofeedback treatments from Dr. Weir and eventually I was able to see firstly, an increase in the duration between bouts of depression and secondly, a decrease in the severity of the episodes.

I still need to have treatments on occasion, especially through the fall and winter seasons, but I an now so aware of my mood swings that I can arrange to have a treatment before the mood swing becomes intense. I now feel like I am in control of my intense emotions and I know a treamtent will keep me from falling into that "deep pit" of depression. As a note, I should mention that the BNF is so effective for me that I have experienced the sensation of feeling absolutley suicidal on the way to a treatment and within an hour of having the treatment, feeling light-hearted, calm and back in control. I have never waited that long for a treatment since!

Speaking for myself, I am grateful for Dr. Weir and BioNeurofeedback and I would gladly recommend her anytiime.

— V. A.

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